Classical vs. Classic Rock- Western Musics & Tensions | Learning in Public 11

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~About this episode~

Exploring the wild and ordered elements of life, the formed and the hidden,

the traditional and the restless, via Western classical and “classic rock” musics.



Some approximate time stamps of themes discussed:



the 1960s



John on the counter-culture, notion there was no prior “culture” to counter



our current pro-Western independent arts & media can’t be hijacked by corporations



Joujouka music of Morocco, Westerners’ fascination with “the other”



Wildness doesn’t make sense without perimeter then clarifies “dark”

Chaos and meaning



Some of my takes on rock music



rock musicians as latest iteration of Western Romanticism



exploratory nature of rock music 



uses and limits of “Faustian” as term to describe Western man



John on why he likes classical



John on harmony, “local imbalances”



John returns to what he likes in classical music 


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The following video, featuring a composer discussing the music of The Beatles,

provides a good complement to this episode:



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