The Why?

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The nine foundational articles below lay out a broader and philosophical sequence of considerations that indicate the framework and mindset of The Great Order project.

The essays linked below have remained essentially unchanged since this site went live on August 21, 2017.


Before those links though, here is the

“too long, didn’t read” version

of the main points from the essays:


-Life is created and sustained by the cycles

and balances between polarities:

male/female, positive/negative charges, rest/activity, planning/intuition, etc.


-Living in balance confers meaning, beauty, health, wisdom.


-This balance is not the same thing

as being politically “moderate,”

nor is it a smashing together of everything.

In times/circumstances of imbalance,

balance itself is often smeared as an “extreme.”


-The world and human experience contains

underlying structures and principles,

but these express in a multitude of ways.


-Therefore one of the fundamental

polarities to balance

is that between the individual and the all,

between universals and particulars,

between unity and variety.


-Following this, an understanding

of boundaries is essential.

Boundaries are doors–

they open when appropriate

and likewise close when appropriate.

Too much of one or the other wreaks havoc.


-Clear and balanced boundaries

enable flourishing, both for individuals

and for societies/cultures on the whole.


-Love naturally creates order,

naturally creates good boundaries.


-What we often see invoked under the word, “love”

today is a false siren song.

It is utilized as a bludgeon by power hungry

and imbalanced people who want to

confuse others for their own ends,

breaking down meaning and boundaries for

their own ill gains or imbalanced agendas.

They solely push the “openness”

aspect of love without the

“there’s a time to close the door and protect/distinguish” aspect,

for life is meaningless without distinctions.


-Love in its ultimate sense is beyond polarities,

therefore there is no resistance to and

opposite of it.

Force, on the other hand,

always creates a counterforce.

As best we can approximate acting from

pure love in our experience,

it is optimal to assert what you are and

what you cherish in a positive way,

consciously creating rather than reacting.


Here are the links to the full essays:

  1. Through the Narrow Pass
  2. The Narrow Pass of Our Times: Globalism vs. Extreme Chauvinism
  3. The Tyranny of Projection
  4. Layers of Consciousness
  5. Does Consciousness Really Precede Form?
  6. Layers of Identity
  7. Layers of Kinship
  8. A Taxonomy of Feelings
  9. Love




Is a spinning top spiraling along with high and steady energy the most stable and integrated, instead of the lopsided top that wobbles and teeters haphazardly, swaying between extremes?

Can a warrior stop to enjoy the scent of a flower and still be a warrior?

Does an artist have to buck against every convention and dress zanily just for the sake of it, to announce they’re an artist, instead of feeling assured in who they are regardless of circumstance? 

Is a person of noble bearing noble whether they find themselves in a shack or a palace?

Can you love the wide world and want the best for all while still protecting and loving your closest kin and your culture? Is “loving the world” often best served by tending to your own patch of earth’s garden? Is there any meaning without particulars? 

Do doors not both open and shut– are boundaries and openness not interconnected?

Is symbiosis not what maintains the balance of any ecosystem?

Do the male and female principles not create new life, do positive and negative charges not create the most vital currents of energy?

Can you see and feel that the synergy of apparent opposites animates the majesty, the harmony of the cosmos? Is this not, in fact, Love?

Is it possible the contemporary world conspires to corral you into this side or that, to throw you off balance, make you conflicted and disintegrated inside so you then project that imperiled inner condition outwardly into all you encounter?

Might the paradigm shift and change of eras we’re experiencing not quite be what you’d first assumed it would be?

Can you be steadfast and centered in a way that still gives a song to your heart and a twinkle to your eye?

Does mastery and proper use of passions not produce a more complete love of life?

Are there new questions whose answers are rooted in the things that have always been?…


Here is the spirit behind what I do.

My personal biography is likely not of primary importance to you.

But as ever, we are known by our fruits. 

-Jared George