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Horizon | New Image Mashup Video

Say “yes” to life…   Find: YouTube Odysee Instagram Twitter (partial) Telegram (partial) Tik Tok (partial) Imaginings and musings for Horizon, the third song from The Great Order, audio of which was released June 2, 2021   You can hear all music releases & find more social media links on ~ Please share all or part of the video but include The Great Order … Continue reading Horizon | New Image Mashup Video

“Someone To Know” | New Song

Please see the music page for more listening, downloads, interview links, & ways to support.       LYRICS:   This seemed more a solid thing promising all well when youth was first blossoming ringing as a bell. All the searching in your heart something in the swell wonder if it ever will mean something to tell? I know what you need someone just to know all … Continue reading “Someone To Know” | New Song