Annika | TAP

Watch the embedded episode below. Works on most browsers.    Direct YouTube Link Direct BitChute Link     Annika joins TAP for a wide-reaching conversation, expanded to a longer length than usual by a very engaged and supportive audience.   Topics included: Annika’s background in Hollywood and the mainstream milieu, and what the social assumptions and expectations were. “Progress” really being a pretext for … Continue reading Annika | TAP

Thrice Born- Beyond Self Becoming | Video & Article

For my video presentations (not readings of this article) please scroll to the bottom. — I recently watched Survive the Jive’s YouTube video about the Norse god, Odin (also known as Wotan, Woden, Wotanaz in other Northern European cultures). As per usual with Tom of Survive the Jive, the video inspired some thoughts. I will first focus on the threefold aspects of Odin that Tom … Continue reading Thrice Born- Beyond Self Becoming | Video & Article