In June 2019 YouTube deleted my original channel, The Great Order, for “repeated and severe hate speech violations” without warning or prior strikes–which is a joke.

This situation revealed how the mainstream regime fears the message that I and my colleagues share, a message of love for a healthier and more balanced West, and world.

For my short video output you can browse the following on this site:

my Red Ice Series,

short Clips taken from livestream shows,

a few comedy Skits,

and the general Original Videos category, which includes the special collaborative short video project, Who We Are.


Recommended First Videos if you’re relatively new:

Clips from Shows

“Hold On Loosely” Interview Aug. ’21

The Lost Center

The Bigger Picture – Red Ice Interview Nov. ’20


I created a new YouTube channel, Jared George to continue uploading there, though clearly YouTube is a shaky affair.

Since I began releasing songs at the end of 2020, video platforms also figure heavily into sharing music.

You can also see what all the fuss is about on my Odysee¬†channel and subscribe there. It’s a much freer platform.

Please also keep a lookout for other emerging alternative video platforms.

But mainly, please bookmark and primarily use this site and sign up to the mailing list–I have much more control over my own site than social media accounts and have done much to ensure that this site is secure.

The posts on this site, The Great Order, serve as a record of all that I do, video content and otherwise.